For our first blog post, Soleil’s founder Sol Parga sits down (virtually!) with digital entrepreneur and fashion consultant Hannah Rasekh to discuss all things sustainable and lifestyle. Hannah is Palestinian/British and is a big advocate of slow fashion.

How would you define your style?

Simple, yet significant. Understated. Comfortable. 

How did you get into sustainable fashion?

I was doing a lot of research on the harmful impact of the fashion industry. Not only on our planet- but also on the lives of garment workers. It just became a lifestyle. I started to consume more mindfully. I started to educate myself on where my clothes were made, how they were made, and under what conditions.

What things do you look for when buying from a brand?

I look for quality. I look for longevity. I look for classic pieces that will remain timeless in my wardrobe. I have pieces I’ve owned for 15 years… Ever since I was a teenager. My style hasn’t changed much, so I wear my clothes over and over. 

What are your wardrobe staples and what is your go to outfit?

Jeans and a blazer.  

Do you have a routine to support your busy lifestyle and what are your tips for staying present and inspired?

Getting enough sleep is very important to me. A bad night of sleep throws me completely off schedule. I’m a morning person, and my morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my day. 

What are a few of your favourite sustainable brands?

There are so many I love. “Sustainable” is such a general term today, and frankly- it’s being used a little recklessly. There’s a lot of greenwashing happening in the industry right now. I prefer the term mindful. Mindful brands. Some brands may not be as sustainable as they’d like to be, in the technical sense. However, they’re mindful in the way they produce. They’re active in their communities. They’re aware of the world around them. Maggie Marilyn, Boyish, and Bite and are some that come to mind. 

What are your go to resources (books or websites) to learn about sustainable fashion?

The Sustainable Fashion Forum, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Sustainable Angle. The Wardrobe Crisis is a great podcast too.

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