This month I’ve had the pleasure to sit down and chat to Alizey Mirza, marketing manager at Biolite and social media influencer based in Dubai. Alizey has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and currently manages the marketing and operations of Biolite, a renowned aesthetics clinic, as well as working as a content creator for various brands and as a lifestyle influencer.
How would you define your style?

I would describe my style as classic, timeless and feminine. I rarely follow trends and prefer to keep my style simple and elegant. 

What is your perfect work outfit?

This really depends on my schedule for the day. If I have meetings, I like to keep it more professional - I’ll wear a matching two-piece suit. Most days though, I like to keep it simple and easy - I’ll wear a midi dress with Hermes or Dior slides. 

Any tips on how to organise your work day?

I’m a planner. I don’t like doing anything last minute. Sometimes I’ll have meetings scheduled into my diary weeks in advance. I also love making lists! Having a to-do list really pushes me to finish any pending tasks. 

One non-negotiable thing you do daily even when your schedule is super busy?

I prioritise sleep. If I sleep badly one night, the rest of the day will be a compete write-off. Sleeping well is so important as it boosts brain clarity, allows your body and mind to recharge, and leaves you refreshed when you wake up. It’s also super important for maintaining good skin!

What does your night routine look like?

I always have a cup of chamomile tea before bed as it’s proven to help with relaxation. I try to avoid watching TV and using my phone as blue light blocks melatonin (this easier said than done!) When it comes to my skincare routine, I only use Biolite products. I’ll do a gentle cleanse, followed by serum and moisturiser. I don’t like using too many products on my skin unless it’s absolutely necessary. I also like using a high-frequency wand occasionally as it helps to kill any bacteria on the skin and also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.  

Favourite beauty hack?

SPF of course is number one for me! It’s so incredibly important to wear sunscreen daily as the suns rays are extremely damaging to the skin. Aside from causing skin cancer, not wearing SPF can result in premature ageing such as an early onset of wrinkles, pigmentation and skin discolouration.

Favourite summer destination?

Italy, always! From the north of Italy to the south, the country has so much to offer. From the food, to the shopping, to the stunning views, it really is the best summer destination.

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